Investing in Gold Mining Companies

Investors have been eying gold mining companies recently as the exponential increase in refined metals has been prevailant over the past few years. Due to the pandemic, investors have been withdrawing from traditional stocks and bonds and allocating more funds towards precious metals like gold, silver and platinum. Furthermore, the United States has not had a gold backed currency since the early 1970s, so investors are starting to really question the legitamacy of the fiat currency set by the United States Treasury.

A gold mining company operating in the United States has witnessed meteoric rise in investor sentiment and interest in purchasing common stock. With operations beginning in Nevada later this year to hopefully piggyback on the recent success of gold and refined metals in markets. Great Western Mining is planning on exploring and exploiting lands in the western United States to uncover large amounts of gold and silver deposits. The company is also aiming to uncover mass amounts of copper deposits located in Mineral County Nevada, and attract investors by hopefully proving viability of their operations and potential returns.

Extensive drilling has uncovered mass amounts of copper, around 4.3 million tons, couuld potentially be waiting to be excavated, as well as multiple partner companies teaming up to provide large quantities of refined metals for multiple different industries, including tech, jewlery, electronics, and integgrated systems. Once properly refined, these metals have vast applications that attracts different types of investors from different sectors.

Finally, with the massive amounts of runaway inflation and uncertainty in todays everchanging geoplitical world, people are flocking to metals through their porttfolio to ensure their wealth is mininmally reduced from the economic strain. This is a popular sentiment among economists woldwise, as the rise of staggering inflation rates notorously devalues currency from many different nations. Gold and gold mining companies allow people economic safe haven.