I Wanted the Best Condo I Could Get

When I first started looking at condos, I knew basically what I wanted. I knew the general location, which made it much easier to narrow down my choices to just three different ones. I thought I was going to take the one that was closest to my office, but I knew that could change years down the road. I decided to just go with the one that had everything I needed or wanted, and that is why I chose the Treasure at Tampines condo development plan. The main reason I chose this one is because of the floor plan of the condo.

I already knew that I just wanted a one bedroom unit. I am single, and I have no children. My parents and two brothers live very close to me, so I did not have the need for a guest room. I rarely bring work home with me, so I did not need to have a two bedroom unit so I could have a home office. I just needed a nice one bedroom unit that looked good, had great amenities in the actual development, and was close to things that I like to do.

When I looked at the various floor plans, the one bedroom plus study unit really stood out to me. While it is not often that I bring work home with me, sometimes it is a necessity. I really liked the idea of having a small study dedicated as my work space. It is not a huge area, but it is just enough to where I am not going to have all of my papers on the dining room table or in the living room. The view is spectacular too, and I love that there is a balcony off of the living room as well as from my bedroom. It was very easy to choose this one after seeing the floor plans!