Thinking Of Cutting The Cord? Here’s Why You Should Not Give Up Cable TV

According to reports, about a tenth of the total population of cable subscribers decide to cancel their service during the second half of their contract. More than 25 percent sought alternate options like finding the Best cable deals online due to uncontrollable costs while 21 percent of these consumers revealed their service subscription didn’t even last longer than a year.

Most consumers, which constitute 46% of the population, opt to go for online streaming services.

These subscribers are mainly comprised of millennials. However, most people who are 35 and over still choose to watch their TV shows the old-fashioned way. The problem does not lie on the type of viewing system alone. As all providers say they have the best cable deals online, people become challenged as to where to look for the offer that perfectly match their needs.

Before you make quick decisions and switch into a more modernized way of watching your TV programs, consider these:

Tuning into Sports

Many people who decided to cut the cord and sign up for popular online streaming services did regret it in the end. Unlike a cable TV, streaming won’t allow you to watch the games as they happen. The inability to watch live streams made them more dissatisfied. Hence, they came back to cable TV. Choose to be with the provider who lets you enjoy the services you’re paying for without having to miss your favorite team play.

Viewing Current Events

For those who want to have a grasp of latest happenings around the globe, you must first check if you can watch them real-time. If you don’t get to watch the fresh news at home the night before your travel, you won’t be informed about a tropical cyclone somewhere in your supposed travel destination. You also won’t be alarmed of a current crisis in a certain place and it’s saddening because you can no longer turn your vehicle back.

Watching your All-time Favorites

Some subscribers find it thrilling to turn on the TV with films that they haven’t watched for ages. Cable TV providers allot a specific day for teen movies or chick flicks that remind the viewers of their younger selves and have a little rekindling of the past.

Saving your Data

If you want to have enough data to access the the web, you should not give up your cable TV. If you do online streaming most of the time, you may use up your data and be surprised that the connection is no longer high-speed when you need it the most. There are many ways to arrive at the best cable deals online. You just need patience and perseverance at the same time.

Bundling Services Help

Companies that offer a comprehensive package including phone, Internet, and cable services bring convenience to homeowners. They will only have to contact one service provider if they want to upgrade or downgrade their plan. With a bundled service, they won’t have to experience making upfront payments for installations like what others who cut the cord did.

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