Choosing an ATM for Your Marijuana Dispensary

As more states start to appreciate the benefits we have from marijuana, we can expect more businesses to occur. There are thousands of studies that show that treatment with cannabis can help with anxiety, depression, and more serious diseases like Alzheimer’s and cancer. But, even if there are so many advantages it is still difficult to start your own company.

Those who have opened their stores know the obstacles that the government placed for these businesses. The majority is very successful so there’s a high chance you will also make it. To be able to compete with them you will need to satisfy your customers that sometimes means setting up an ATM in your shop.

Why Is This Important?

You might think that it’s a normal thing to have an ATM nearby just in case when you need cash but these are not traditional automated teller machines. They are cashless meaning that they won’t spit out money instead you will make a deposit on your account or get a coupon with a certain amount. Another advantage is that you get a percentage from every transaction.

But, you will need to find the right supplier and decide if you will buy an ATM for your marijuana dispensary or rent it. There are a few payment options lenders have so it will depend on your current situation. Besides that, you will need to know where is the best area to place it and make sure you have all the necessary permits.

Finding Providers

Finding the right provider is the first step you should do so you can, later on, plan your budget and get the necessary permits. A good tip is to see if they have any feedback from past clients and call them to check how good the provider is. You can also call them directly and ask for payment options and what is their opinion on your situation.

You have websites like Yelp that will help you find the best in the business and after choosing a couple, you contact them and figure out who’s better. This will help you save time and you will get to know their customer service which can tell you a lot about them.

Perfect Location

Whenever you see an ATM placed somewhere, you should know that it isn’t randomly where they had space, it’s a carefully thought out process. They are looking at a perfect position that will be noticeable by every customer that comes into the shop. You would also want it to be safe especially units that aren’t built into the wall.

The number you need depends on how many customers you have throughout the day, but in most cases, one is enough. People are already spending a lot of time looking around the store so it won’t be a problem when there are a lot of customers that need to make a deposit. Read more on this page.

Necessary Permits

There’s a trend of legalizing marijuana use for medical purposes but it’s not very appealing to the government. This means that it can be difficult to get every permit you need to run the business. You will need to visit your state health department and get better informed about having permission to have a dispensary.

The issues most business owners come upon are payment-related because credit cards are constantly getting declined. This is the main reason behind cashless ATMs. But, if you know some people that don’t have any issues having a dispensary, there’s no need to think much about it. You can ask them for advice and start your own company.

Keep Improving

Having a new ATM in your dispensary is a big step for small owners but things are changing every few years. Investing in these new changes will help you beat your competition which is growing each year. As cannabis becomes more accepted you will see a rising number of stores around the country. Get more info here:

COVID has been a huge problem for many owners but it won’t last forever. People always find a way around the problem if it can’t be fixed properly. Home delivery is the future for every type of store so that is one of the things you can start improving.