Five Lives is an action escape game

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the health department is closely monitoring all public facilities where a large number of people gather together. Hence entertainment options for people visiting or living in Edmonton are extremely limited since popular options like cinema halls, theaters, sports stadiums are usually closed. Fortunately one of the most popular entertainment options in Edmonton in the Fun and Games category, the escape rooms from Escape Hour remain open. For the safety of the customers, escape hour ensures that all the facilities conform to health safety rules specified by government agencies.

Those who wish to play the escape games can choose from five different options at present Five lives which is action escape game, Bank heist, Matrix based on the movie of the same name, Five elements, and the Senators quest. Though the time which the players are allowed to escape each locker room is the same at sixty minutes, there are major differences in the them of each of the game. Each of the escape games is developed based on a particular story, and the escape rooms are also designed based on the story with realistic props, decor. This ensures that the players have an immersive experience, while playing the escape game.

The Five Lives quest room is one of the most popular escape room in Edmonton and is usually booked in advance on weekends. Once of the reasons for its popularity is that unlike other escape rooms which mainly offer mental stimulation, players also have to do physical activities to get the clues they require to escape. To escape from this locker room withing the specified time, one or more player in the team will have to do push-ups, bend, crawl, jump over obstacles. So in addition to being mentally challenging, this game will also test the fitness levels of the team members

Like the name of the game suggests, Five Lives, the team members have to play five different roles as part of the game. These roles vary from being an astronaut who has to fix a spaceship, a party goer, prevent a nuclear disaster and fix a boiler. The combination of physical and mental activities, makes this particular escape game, extremely popular among escape room fans. Many players who have earlier enjoyed playing escape games at the Escape Hour rooms in Calgary, specifically visit Edmonton to play the escape games like Five Lives, which are not available at the Calgary facility.