Learning Modern Concepts to Help a Business out

When my brother started his own business, I was very happy for him. He has worked hard most of his life for other people, and they were the ones to reap all the rewards. I was happy that he would now get the nice paychecks instead of someone else. He asked me a few months into the start of his company if I could come onboard and help. He trusted my business sense, plus he told me that there is a program called The Lifelong MBA that I could do online to familiarize myself more with modern business practices.

It had been nearly two decades since I had worked for anyone, so it would take a very special person to make me want to have a boss again. Since my kids have all left home, I did not have a lot that kept me tied there. I agreed to help him, and I was very happy that he had found an online course for me to take. I do have a good head for business, but being out of the field for almost 20 years meant that I had a lot to brush up on.

He gave me the website for the company who provides this training. I looked all over it, and I was impressed with what they are doing. I watched several intro videos, and I read about the different ways this program would enhance my brother’s business. Needless to say, I signed up right away. The things I learned were concepts that are going to change my brother’s business for the better, and I feel very confident helping him get to where he wants to be. I thought that this new business of his was mainly to help him, but it has helped both of us out tremendously!