Dancing Waiters Entertained at Our Party

When my partner suggested that we get some updated Christmas party entertainment for our annual end of the year party, I could not agree more. We always just play a CD of Christmas songs while we eat a nice catered meal, but that has always struck me as quite boring. He showed me a website where he found all kinds of fun acts, and I knew that the only hard thing would be narrowing down which ones we wanted to have at our party since we could not have them all.

We ended up selecting a jazz band that plays not only Christmas classics but modern songs too. We were going to hire some dancers to get things moving, but that was just until we saw the dancing waiters that we could have at our event. What I really like about this website is that I was able to watch a video of the dancing waiters in action, and that is when I knew that we needed them for our party. They don’t speak a word, which makes it even more hilarious. They have carts as well as umbrellas as their props. I know that does not sound like much, but it truly is all they need.

My favorite part of the short video clip I saw was how they involved everyone around them. They will drop whatever they have and just start dancing with random people. They also have water bottles on their umbrellas that they spin, and it looks like they are dancing in the rain, just like the classic movie! It is hilarious to watch, and I knew that we could not go wrong with hiring these dancing waiters. Between them and the jazz band, this was bound to be the best party that we have ever thrown for our company employees!