A New Look for Katelyn

My girlfriend Katelyn is an absolute bombshell. I think she is the most beautiful and gorgeous woman on the face of the Earth. She has the type of beautiful the attract men and make other women jealous of her. Unfortunately, Katelyn does not feel that she is perfect. She has a mole on the side of her mouth. Katelyn has always been self-conscious about the mole on her face. I constantly try to assure her that she looks fine, but she does not believe me. Last month, she looked for an aesthetic clinic in Singapore. She was desperate for help.

When Katelyn was a little girl, he self-esteem was low. She was always worried about her mole. Some mean kids in the class would always make fun of her mole. They would call her mean names and talked badly about her. Sometimes, she would return home from school crying. Her parents decided that she needed a hobby to boost her self-confidence. Her parents enrolled her in gymnastics. She began to shine and her confidence level rose to the top. Her fears about her mole seemed to disappear. She has been practicing gymnastics for ten years.

Recently, she was looking at some pictures of herself. She was horrified by what she saw. Katelyn thought her mole had increased in size on her face. She could not take it anymore. She called an aesthetic clinic and spoke to a doctor. He was very helpful and polite. He assured Katelyn that removing the mole would be quick and painless. The procedure was very affordable and did not require much money. Katelyn got the procedure done and it turned out perfectly. She was very pleased the final outcome of the procedure. She was so happy when she looked in the mirror at her new face.