In Loving Memory of Marcia

Dealing with the pain of losing a loved one is never easy. It is the most hurtful and overwhelming pain that a human being can endure. In these sad times, people care and consoling to get through the hard, painful times. Recently, my family suffered a great loss. My Aunt Marcia passed away last week. She was loved by our entire family. She will be missed. My cousins wanted the best funeral for my aunt. They had the church ready by needed help wit the grave. We searched for a monument store in Morris County NJ.

My Aunt Marcia and my mom were sisters. They were very close. They depended on each other for everything. I remember an incident when I was younger. Our house was damaged by a storm. My aunt allowed my family to stay with her until the repairs were made. She provided us with a nice home to stay in at the time. If it was not for her, we probably would have been homeless. My family and I are forever grateful to my Aunt Marcia’s hospitality. She will always be remembered for her kind and giving heart.

My cousins needed help choosing a monument for the grave. They did not have enough money, so I decided to chip in and help with the finances. We searched high and low for the perfect monument store to help us with our needs. We finally found one. It was perfect. The staff was friendly and nice. They had a variety of choices to chose from. The prices were very good. We were so glad we we found the perfect one for my beloved aunt. She always loved to be in style. Her journey into the afterlife was going to be no exception. She was ready to be with God. I will miss her.