It Was Wonderful to Learn That I Can Get Fast Help at Night

When I learned that an employee was needed for overnight shifts at the compay I work for, I decided to take the position. I had a tough time thinking about whether I would do it or not since I’m a female who lives alone. After careful thought, I decided to go for it. One night, I came home early and realized I was locked out of my house at around 11:45PM, so I called a 24 hour locksmith to come help me immediately. I thought I would have to wait a long time, and I got really nervous. Right after I called, I immediately got back into my car and locked the doors. I was seriously surprised when a locksmith pulled up within only 4 minutes! That was pretty fast, and it made me worry less again about working the night shift.

I’ve met a lot of females who do not worry about their safety much. I’ve noticed that the women who don’t worry much are almost always the ones who have never had their safety compromised. They think that because they haven’t had anything happen, nothing scary will ever happen. I wish I could go back to a time in my life where I had that luxury of being so laid back about my security. Due to the things that I went through when I was much younger, I am always on guard every single day and night of my life.

I had always turned down late-night work in the past, but I found myself needing to make more money this year. I began hoping that a position would open at night since it pays a lot more than what my usual pay was. I was worried about being out late at night, but my need to make ends meet was a bigger fear. The night that I was locked out of m house I was super worried that I had made a mistake in being outside at night. But the locksmith company that helped me said that their response time is almost always very fast. So that helped to ease my fears.