How Raizada Started His Journey As The Business And Finance Consultant?

The idea of proliferating a business and expanding its wings in so many ways so that one may support another when the other gets weak, and implementing the same, makes the difference between a business owner and an entrepreneur. If you are simply a business owner, then you are in the learning phase. And to help you learn to become a successful entrepreneur, the finance and equity management expert and the CEO of Spectrum Business Ventures Inc., have come ahead.

What is SBV?

SBV or the Spectrum Business Ventures Inc. is an effort by the CEO, A. Raizada, who started the company in 2002 with Chuck Rouse. And ever since they are running successfully while building a stronger team that knows handling all sort of wealth, finance, business, equity and debt management.

How it all started?

It all started when Raizada understood that he must be utilizing his understanding for operations, retail and finance in an artistic way, while using technology, so that a beautiful combination of calculative finance management system can be framed. He has prior experience and expertise already. While his experience came from his working in Telecom giants like Nextel, AT & T, Verizon etc, his expertise came with the success of his real life project of the cardio unit established at the University of Kansas hospital.


The experience and knowledge he gathered in his first company in retail sales, operations management, and finance management with the combination using the right technology, were later implemented by him in his other work areas too while he worked for the later companies.

Finally Amit Raizada joined hands with Chuck to form his own private firm, to give the best business consultation, which can steer the financial decisions of many business, family offices, companies and even wealthy individuals into the right directions.

How businesses are getting help from SBV?

Businesses in the US and in the Kansas City area mainly have one great destination for business advices and that is SBV. SBV helps decide the right way to channelize wealth, and helps take the right decisions in wealth management. Finances that need to managed, and investments that have to be planned carefully so that none gets into waste can be done much well when you have a guide, and SBV does the job of guiding. They help, they guide, and they also make plans and calculations for every client while combining their knowledge with technology. This is how Raizada has trained his team, and that is why they are amongst the top notch business advisory and finance and tax consultant bodies in the US.

The personal approach of Raizada

Amit Raizada does not just leave his team with his clients. In fact he personally takes interest in every client dealing, and makes sure that every customer of SBV gets his attention and priced comments and expert guidance with the personal touch. This is good for customers too as they get the right guidance direct from the horse’s mouth and this is a big assurance to get guided by SBV and too directly from A. Raizada.