Incorporating Advanced Technology in the Hotel Industry

Hospitality Industry or the hotel business has undergone a drastic change in the present times and the future of this industry is booming as the technological advancements have been made in this sector. Most of the small and big hoteliers have started to bring in the modern trends by making their online presence and letting people know about their respective hotels and the amenities offered by them. For this, one can follow the tips from the renowned hotelier and President of the Pan Pacific Hotels Group Patrick Imbardelli who is serving in this line for 30 years.


Introduction of Technological Systems

With the incorporation of new technical systems in the hotel industry, the hotel staff and the guests are getting comfortable with their stay. They can easily pursue their work or enjoy the holidays and the staff is updated with their guest’s needs and preferences. Most of the seven star and five-star hotels across the globe are now using the artificial intelligence technologies and replacing the human workforce with the robots. This has made the work quite comfortable and people can enjoy their stay. Here are some of the points that describe introduction of newer lucrative technologies:-

  • According to the business leader and hotelier Imbardelli, the introduction of robots has eased out the manual work like keeping of luggage or offering the room service. On the other hand still, he is of the view that the hospitality industry needs a human touch and welcoming gestures that eventually needs a well-groomed staff.
  • There are many newer technological platforms used in the hotels like Marriott, Hilton Group, Holiday Inn etc. that has introduced the concept of virtual reality. This has mesmerized their customers as they can take you to the destinations around the world in few seconds.
  • Ideas that are even more prolific have made advancements in the hospitality industry in the words of Patrick Imbardelli as he states that tourists have also shared their glorious reviews. Some of them include free beer during check-in, room service app allowing customers to order food using Smartphones, Neck-pillows with built in music and so on.
  • The introduction of the data analytics tools for the consumers mostly includes the businesspersons who get specific hotels book on their journey is on its way. With this, the hotel industry will keep an eye on their regular visitors and the prices that include their room or other services can be adjusted and proves beneficial for the hotel business.

Therefore, it can be seen that with the development of these innovative technologies and other amenities that are offered to the customers have paved the way for the growth of hospitality industry. The control of the hotel room features and another luxurious blend of apps have attracted more tourists as well as elite classes to organize the varied business functions in the seven star and five stars rated hotel across the globe. Even this has increased the competition amongst the best and luxurious hotels across the globe to attract more customers.