Who doesn’t want to bag higher number of orders? Everyone does!

Sometimes we get so excited after spotting a lucrative order on Contentmart that we forget to make sure whether we are prepared or not to bid an offer. These are some common things which we need to check and improve to get more projects to work upon.

  • To get a continuous string of workflow one must get recognized by clients for future prospects as well. Contentmart will provide a platform to content writers and help them get such recognition from the clients who give orders on regular basis.
  • Contentmart enables writers to communicate with the clients through messages so that they can promptly probe in case of any queries while working. Content Writer should never hesitate to ask for client’s opinion regarding the work in progress. This will help content writers to know whether they are going in the correct direction or not.


  • Content writer should keep exploring the scope of improvement and always strive to deliver an amazing outcome by keeping research on for the write-ups. Clients satisfied with your services will always look out for you with new projects to work upon.
  • Every client searches for a Content Writer who has got professional ethics. Client’s expectations can be met only if you deliver quality content within deadline. So, a writer should always comply with the deadline. Contentmart allows a writer to select the deadline for the project because every writer knows about the time a particular project is going to take according to them.
  • Portfolio tells writer’s style of writing and expertise. A diversified Portfolio will help you bag more number of projects. Always mention the style and category on the samples. Every client checks the portfolio to know whether the writer has previously done write-ups with required expertise or not. Your portfolio should be contain samples of different expertise and writing in different categories.
  • Most important thing is the offer that you make while bidding on an order. Your offer is the first thing that a Client gets to see. Your offer should be crisp and error free. You should be clear while mentioning that you understand the requirements and you are the correct person for the job. Always research about the requirements and come up with an impressive offer.
  • Ratings, Testimonials and number of orders completed show your tenure. The chances of getting an order increases with better ratings, impressive testimonials and higher number of orders. Clients can see your Ratings and Number of orders completed along with the offer that you make while bidding.
  • Your content should be original. There is an algorithm on contentmart which checks your articles for Plagiarism once you send the result.