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Sales Fish Presents Trends in the Telemarketing Industry

The telemarketing industry has long been a vital component of commerce. This direct marketing method first gained popularity in the 1970s, then experienced exponential growth over the next decades. Like all marketing strategies, advances in call center technologies, user habits, and industry trends have shaped the current operation of telemarketing service providers. Several emerging trends will continue to influence the industry into 2018 and beyond.

Trend #1: Process Improvement

In recent years, the practice of Business Process Improvement, known as BPI, has become an important aspect of service delivery in the telemarketing and direct marketing fields. It is closely related to Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), which in this case is the outsourcing of direct marketing services to third-party providers. BPI focuses on improving the quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of telemarketing services, streamlining operations to provide enhanced service delivery to clients. In the BPI model, experts implement several factors to …

How the Electronics Industry has changed over the Years?

In recent years, the electronics industry is in the center of a new wave of transformation, observing a remarkable growth. It is ushering in a dawn of conjunction of technologies, markets and products. Consumer electronics appliances are in a state of continuous change. The advent of digital-based audio, video and information technology is the actual reason behind this. These changes started approximately couple of decades back and have given rise to in a slide of state of the art electronic devices in the market. The demand for electronic items with multiple functions has increased tremendously.

All these current developments are made possible by highly recognized electronics product business groups like Megabite Electronics. Digitalization changed the electronics sector, by bringing in new and exciting entertainment products that have changed the way people used to live. It paved the way for digital devices. Additional researches found that development of these highly …

Incorporating Advanced Technology in the Hotel Industry

Hospitality Industry or the hotel business has undergone a drastic change in the present times and the future of this industry is booming as the technological advancements have been made in this sector. Most of the small and big hoteliers have started to bring in the modern trends by making their online presence and letting people know about their respective hotels and the amenities offered by them. For this, one can follow the tips from the renowned hotelier and President of the Pan Pacific Hotels Group Patrick Imbardelli who is serving in this line for 30 years.


Introduction of Technological Systems

With the incorporation of new technical systems in the hotel industry, the hotel staff and the guests are getting comfortable with their stay. They can easily pursue their work or enjoy the holidays and the staff is updated with their guest’s needs and preferences. Most of the seven star …