How to Create a Successful eCommerce Digital Marketing Strategy : 4 Main Points

If you are currently already running a successful eCommerce marketing campaign then you definitely know what this article is about. We will talk about the strategies that will help you expand in the upcoming year without losing your current status. Make sure that you think the whole process through because the world is pretty hectic and it is easier to save what you already have than restore the lost positions.

So the question is how to stand out of the crowd if currently you are not so successful either? And how to preserve the positions that you have?

The answer is simple – create a winning digital strategy for eCommerce marketing. Be ready that this field is tricky so you need to be very carefully and attentive in order to achieve the desired results. Though the beginning might be unusual and tough, do not despair and read some tips below.

Developing a Plan for eCommerce Businesses

The days when keywords were enough to get visitors come to your website. It is no longer the best tactics to stuff your website with keywords and wait. Furthermore, Google gets smarter day after day so such tactics today may even get contrary to the expected results. Do not also forget about the idea of developing SEO industry that is though relatively new, is a fast growing one. And, finally, even if you do get traffic to the site, how can you find out whether it is right? Below we have divided all information into some parts to facilitate understanding for you.


Evaluate Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Before you actually start doing something, make sure that you understand why your are failing at some points, while winning at others. Think also about the stages where you just waste resources without getting the desired effect. Do not forget to compare your company with the competitors in order to find your weak place to work on.

Set Objectives

Now that you know where you fall behind, try to set the real goals and objective for the upcoming work, they are called Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The most important KPIs are number of unique visitors, number of visitors who return, time that people spend on your website, total revenue, customer retention rate.

Develop Client Personas

Now you need to understand your target audience and come up with at least three main target groups in order to match your website look and content with the requirements that these target groups have.

For the purpose of creating this client persona you can use social media websites to get a broad understanding of who engages with you. Google Analytics will help you understand how people find you. Sales Staff is probably the most important because it is the key to understanding who your client personas are. Human interaction cannot be changed into anything so do not neglect it to learn more about your potential and real customers.

And the last tip from Onecore Media Toronto digital marketing company: ask questions and don’t be lazy to read. A lot of information exists about eCommerce today, so just work a little to ensure that your strategy is the right one!

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