There are an array of avenues to take for BEE consulting in South Africa.

There are an array of avenues to take for BEE consulting in South Africa. There are literally dozens of companies offering BEE consulting in South Africaso there is no shortage. This makes it quite difficult to choose one to go with and where the problem lies. The ideal company is one that is able to help you out not just initially, but for years to come. Applying BEE principles into your business is not a once off thing. It has to constantly be monitored and this is for 2 reasons. The first is that the law in this regard is always being altered to make provisions for advancement. The second is that a company’s score may not always be the same. Depending on current circumstances, they could have an ongoing mentoring placement or charitable outcomes or there could be times that this stuff can be haltered.


During these times, the points cannot be added to the total BEE score, thereby lowering the companies BEE rating. Firms offering BEE consulting in South Africa are always on the ball in this regard and notify companies of the negative outcome that this will have on their score. Financially, removing these items will also lead to loses for the company. Having a mentoring system in place is a financial windfall for a company. BEE is all about empowering people to better their lives and give them access to education and resources that they were not privy to in the past. For each person enrolled into a mentorship within a company, SARS will give a rebate to the value of tens of thousands of Rands.

There are some terms and conditions which have to be met to ensure that the company will be hiring the right candidates. Firms proving BEE consulting in South Africa are here to offer guidance in this regard. It would be a useless venture for a company to go out and start a mentorship for BEE points but not be awarded those points because the wrong people were hired. Another code which gives points is any charitable projects undertaken by the company. Proceeds must directly benefit those who were previously disadvantaged.

Firms dealing with BEE consulting in South Africa are a goldmine in this regard. They will lead the company in the direction of finding needs within society related to the field of the business. This could be a food programme for a restaurant or literacy programme for a publishing company. No matter the industry, BEE is going to affect the business and BEE consulting in South Africa is best equipped to handle the process. This has to do with supplier development in particular. The aim is to build up companies with higher BEE ratings. So the aim of this score point is to encourage business towards companies with a high BEE rating. Many companies have felt the sting of not being BEE compliant and have lost out on business contracts to other companies simply because they did not take the initiative to become BEE at an earlier stage.