What Is A Landing Page Generator Used For?

When you do Internet marketing, or if you have a brick-and-mortar business, there is a piece of software that you should use when you are creating your website. It may not be used for your main website, but it will be used to create what are called landing pages, and these can be one of the most beneficial aspects of your marketing strategies. A landing page is mainly used by people that are using PPC traffic, or search engine optimization to generate new visitors. It is a page that is designed for the sole purpose of capturing email addresses, and depending upon how it is structured, and what you are offering, they can either be extremely successful or may not work at all. Let’s go over the basics of what a landing page generator is, the type of pages they will create, and how to make one that will lead to high conversions.

What Is A Landing Page Generator?

This is either a software program that will be on your desktop, or it will be a plug-in used on your website server, that you can use to create a single page. This will be hosted on your server, typically a subpage of your main website. It is created to make offers to visitors that they can receive in exchange for an email address. This is the primary use for a landing page generator, although it is not the only purpose. They can also be used to create a sales page, and informational page, or even a page where you are displaying videos. However, specifically in regard to marketing and building an email list, this is what a landing page generator is able to do best.


How Will It Be Structured?

This is actually a topic that is open to debate as there are many people that have had success using completely different formats. For example, one of the more popular landing pages that people use is one that is very simple, utilizing only sales copy that is pitching a particular offer, with an autoresponder subscriber box right beneath the text. It will tell them to take advantage of an offer such as a coupon for products that you are selling, or a free report that they can read. They may also add a single image representing what is being given away, or it may be an image related to your business. Everything that is displayed will be seen above the fold which simply means once they land on this landing page, they will not need to scroll down to finish reading, or enter their name and email address. It is literally a single page that is displayed, which may include images, a call to action, and a box where they can subscribe to your newsletter to take advantage of your special deal.

Server-Based Or PC-Based Landing Page Generators?

Another concern that many people have is whether or not they should purchase a software program that works on their PC that creates the landing pages, or if they should install WordPress on their website and use a plug-in. Most people that do this today will use the plug-in simply because it is the most convenient, but then you will run into a problem when it comes to speed. Most of the product launches that are done today use HTML simply because it load so much faster than PHP. Therefore, if you can create landing pages on your computer using the templates provided by the software, and then FTP that landing page to your main directory as a subpage, this is probably the best choice if you are worried about speed.

Once you have set up one or more of these landing pages, you can then begin to track your results. If you have only one page and one advertising campaign, you can simply see how many people take advantage of your offer. It is best to set up two or more landing pages so that you can split test. This simply means that you are either changing the sales copy, images, or the offer that you are presenting, and monitoring which one leads to more conversions. This basic overview of how to use a landing page generator should help you get started toward generating a profitable list for your business.